Ice Cube

Pumped Up   The Plunge

Ladies and Gents, 

               We have returned to school and are back in the swing of things. Mid-January, and roughly two feet of snow.  The sporadic days of unexpected heat have created large streams of run off and more slush than is desired. This morning I woke up to snow, walked to class in rain and returned an hour later to a perfectly sunny day.  Snow and sun, a particularly nice balance. This week at Bates is Winter Carnival, crazy, I know.  The last few days have been busy with acapella, chocolate fountains, bingo, karaoke, hypnotism and the ever anticipated puddle jump.  If this doesn’t sound familiar, then listen up.  Members of the Outing Club, second oldest in the nation, cut a large hole in the ice of the “puddle”, or formally Lake Andrews.  People then proceed to jump in, struggle out, sprint back to their dorm and get into a cold, which feels hot, shower.  While it sounds slightly insane, it draws a very large group of participants. Thanks to the human body, adrenaline keeps you oblivious to the cold while in the water.  Personally, it was when my smart-wool socks turned into blocks of ice, that I became marginally concerned. All in all, it is in a word, phenomenal.  

Stay Warm,