m_34c84f8c5c9ef91fc2467ff95f158277.jpg powderkegs.jpg       Bates College loves music.  While that is a broad generalization, it is an accurate one.  Whether it is campus bands or visiting artists, we Batesies know good music, and we certainly know how to dance.  Last night, a phenomenal bluegrass band, the Powder Kegs, broke it down in the Silo. They are an old time string band bringing new energy and great talent to a classic musical genre.  When I first arrived, I was shocked to find everyone sitting in chairs.  In my opinion, you do not sit and quietly observe good folk and bluegrass music.  It was only a few songs in when one boy stood up to dance. He was instantly (literally) joined by the rest of the anxious listeners.  Bass, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, banjo and amazing vocals made for great dancing.  

It doesn’t get much better than that,