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This past weekend, specifically March 1st, I officially ended my time as a teenager.   While there are many exciting and wonderful things that come along with one’s infamous twenties, the transition was one of some sentimentality.  Surrounded by my loving and generous friends, the weekend was filled with much excitement and energy.  Friday night we went out to Chinese for another friend’s anticipated leap-year birthday, followed by a ‘neon and sparkle’ themed party.  The official day of birth was kicked off by a delicious breakfast at the Pop Shop where my omelet arrived with a candle and singing.  A relaxed day and then home-cooked dinner with a crew at an off-campus house. The highlight of it all was the night that followed. The Bates radio station, WRBC, hosted a remarkable Trivia Night.  I was part of a team that fluctuated in size, but ended the night at a strong fifteen.  From 8pm to 8am, a full twelve hours, equip with laptops, costumes and red bull, we identified song titles and artists, trivia questions and the hourly physical challenges.  We had some very strong competition, but in the end, we racked up the highest number of trivia points and topped the morning off with a solid skit in commons at 7 am.  As a result, our team took the gold.  The prize included coupons to local restaurants, credit to the Bobcat Den and Milts Market, two bobble head dolls, a Dalmatian flag, a pound of coffee and many other odds and ends.  Most importantly, our phenomenal team took home pride.