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  Conversations among my friends frequently land on the discussion of two things: wisdom teeth and paninis.  Our favorite sandwich from the Den is the grilled cheese with its wonderful grilled parallel lines.  The most repetitive napkin written for the Common’s suggestion board is a request for a panini press.  We just do not understand why something that would bring so much joy at a relatively low cost is so ridiculously unattainable.  It is the one thing that is missing from our plethora of choices.  These continual conversations usually focus on the best ingredients as well: portabella mushrooms, spinach, Gorgonzola, avocado, bacon… so many options. On Saturday night, the perfected sandwich became a reality.  A campus group, the Greg Waters Band, was performing from 7 to 10 at a local cafe called “She Doesn’t Like Guthries”.  A friend and I took a $4 cab to avoid a walk in the pouring rain.  At the tables sat several Bates kids who had gotten there early to eat dinner, exactly our plan.  At a high round table, my physics professor, for Musical Acoustics, was sitting with his son watching the guys warm up for their set.  After saying our hellos, Ali and I took seats at the bar and reviewed the menu.  Our eyes landed on one thing at the exact same time. Simultaneously, we read the words: Cranberry and Walnut Chicken Salad Panini.  Phenomenal, truly. The follow through was strong, a culmination of all our panini obsessions.  Kids continued to arrive until the room was filled with fabulous music and dancing. Great space, great music, great people, GREAT panini.