Remarkable Froth

One great thing about Liberal arts schools is that they offer the ability for people to be involved in academic, athletic and extracurricular activities regardless of their level of experience or dedication.  Academically, students are encouraged to take classes in departments that intrigue them without committing to a major or minor.  Athletically, there are three levels of sports: Varsity, Club and Intramural.  The areas of visual and performing arts are also this way- open to newcomers and professionals alike. The theater world at Bates is incredibly extensive and welcoming.  The department itself has a main-stage production each semester, along with thesis projects.  The Robinson Players, the student theater group, put on a short-term musical, big productions, several one-acts and a musical review. This afternoon, I went to see a good friend in the current main stage production of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, set in the 1970’s.  It was very well done. It was great to see many familiar names being given recognition in the production pamphlet. I had friends who were involved in the cast, the set and the costume design.  My friend Lily played a small part male named Froth. Fully in character with a handle bar mustache and bulge in her bell-bottom pants, she dominated the stage for her few minutes of glory.  Unfortunately, the relatively stoic Sunday-matinee audience left lots of room for my incessant laughter to be pin pointed and potentially distracting.  After the show, I was told that while my energy was hard to ignore, it was well received.  It is great to be part of a campus that so strongly encourages students to be active and engaged.