“the people”


So, I am a tour guide.  This means I am constantly asked what my favorite part of Bates is.  When first asked, this seemed like a pretty difficult question to answer- to pinpoint exactly one aspect of Bates.  But when I thought about it simply, the answer was obvious- the people.  Students, Professors, Faculty, Pablo the pizza-maker, Luke our custodian… the list goes on.  Since arriving at Bates in the fall of 2006, I have met some of the most interesting, friendly and wonderful people.  At under 2,000 students, the size is perfect for appreciating the people around you.  Not too small and not too big.  It offers a range of diversity among individuals and the capability to have many friends at varying levels of closeness.  It allows for many different activities and events, yet familiar faces among them. Apart from peers, a large part of my one word answer is the relationship between students and their professors.  I have sensed, in the professors that I have had, a great deal of intelligence, energy and excitement towards the subject matter and class in general.  I was always a bit skeptical of the perfect depiction of a small college where the teacher-student relationships extend beyond the classroom and email.  To my surprise, the vision is shockingly accurate.  A friend of mine had the “best vegetable chili” at her professor’s house last fall, made from the vegetable that had grown in his garden all summer.  An art professor of mine invited all of her students over every wednesday evening last year to eat pie and watch Project Runway.  Another professor of mine returned from the hospital a week ago and many of us have been pitching in to help her out with day to day projects.  As you can see above, I walked her dog Luna last tuesday.  These and others are examples of the mutual commitment and interest professors and students have to one and other.  While our ages, knowledge and experiences vary, we both have a lot to give and take to and from one and other.