Unique Easter

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Today, Easter Sunday, my friends and I found our own way to celebrate.  First of all, we successfully replicated an Easter brunch with a wonderful breakfast at the Pop Shop.  We gathered in the quad at eleven to walk because it was beautiful outside, the snow is finally beginning to reseed.  Family style, ten of us packed into two tables.  After a long and delicious breakfast of omelets, eggs, fruit and phenomenal corned beef hash, the next leg of the journey began. Feeling nostalgic about childhood Easters- seeing family and friends, egg hunts and church services– I decided a certain activity was crucial.  I wanted to have our own egg hunt, so that is exactly what we did.  We went into CVS, and with the ten-dollar bill I had in my vest pocket, I purchased 6 bags of 99 cent chocolate eggs and brown paper bags.  Back in our dorm, decorated our paper bags- the simplified baskets.  In front of our building I hid a variety of candy and plastic eggs– fully utilizing windowsills, steps, bushes, snow banks, railings, etc.  With “baskets” in had, the hunt began.  To say the least it was incredibly amusing.  Some were harder to find and eventually we gathered all of the eggs.  While it was goofy, it was fun and satisfying to take part in an infamous Easter egg hunt.  All in all, it was wonderful to be outside, especially because spring is finally beginning to show itself– slowly but surely…