Having Freeport only 20 minutes from school adds a whole new dimension to Saturday jaunts.  To get there, you take a slowly curving road that follows along the Androscoggin River, passing by farms, old churches and sweet country houses.  This weekend, my friend’s sister was visiting from California, and we decided Saturday afternoon was perfect for an adventure.  We headed off around one, arriving in Freeport to have lunch and spend a few hours perusing stores.  The L.L.Bean outlet, regular L.L.Bean store, L.L.Bean Fishing and Hunting store, J.Crew, Gap, Banana Republic, Patagonia and Mexicali Blues were our destinations of choice.  We split up for lunch.  Eager to have Maine lobster, the sisters headed to the Lobster Cooker, while the rest of us had lunch at a new Mediterranean Grill.  It was a gorgeous day and Freeport was the perfect excuse to be walking around outside instead of sitting in the Library.  I personally splurged– buying a pair of sandals, two shirts, a skirt and a 50% off L.L.Bean canvas bag- monogrammed for free since I am a card member.  Great sales, great weather, great chicken kebab, great car ride.