Dresses and Ties

       High heels, bow ties, swing music and a chocolate fountain.  Saturday night’s Gala was the perfect excuse to get dressed up and take advantage of spring’s hesitant, but definite arrival. 

            At this point in March we witness the transition from a long and cold winter to the highly anticipated warm weather of spring.  Regardless of season, the Bates student body tends to err on the casual side with it comes to clothing. On an average day, it is typical to see some combination of blue jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, flannels, fleeces, bean boots, sneakers or moccasins.  The main priority is to adapt to the current season and outdoor temperature.  

            This weekend, the student body stepped out of their normal décor, and got dolled up for the big Gala.  Fabulous dresses and dashing suits filled the dorms and houses as people gathered to take pictures and admire one and other’s glamour before the event.  It was so great to spend the night doing something out of the ordinary.  The music, dancing, dinner and dessert were all wonderful.  Lively swing music filled Gray Cage and friends twisted and spun on the floor.  The ceiling was covered in tiny white lights, and there were fresh flowers all around. 

            Despite our typically laid-back attire we Batesies sure do clean up well.